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Alienware is one of the top workstation brands utilized in USA. It is known for offering promising items to its clients with alluring sight and sound highlights and gaming alternatives. Alienware support is really an American PC equipment auxiliary of Dell which was established in 1996. Its central station is situated at The Hammocks, unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, and close Miami. Alienware support PCs are exceptionally intended for gaming utilize and are accessible in an entirely sensible value run. Alienware support is an organization who plans and creates Windows-based PCs as unquestionably while utilizing a great deal programming you can likewise confront issues during the employments of this product. 

Alienware support phone number PCs use Microsoft Windows working framework to get a life and enable clients to work in Windows condition. 

How Many Types of Products of Alienware Support Are Available In The Market?



Tweaked for superior with Intel processors and Windows 10. Setups incorporate strong state hard drives, quad channel memory, and advanced illustrations cards. 



Superior, convenient gaming that runs different applications without influencing speed or ongoing interaction. For strong gaming in a hurry without trade off. 



Grant winning screens, top of the line mice and consoles, and a cutting edge remote headset. Your game will never be the equivalent. 

What are the Features of Alienware Support Products?


If you are Gaming Lover then Choose Alienware Support Because of the Extra Levels of Technology and Intensity of Power to Use Software’s. Alienware Products are expertly designed to give serious gamers everything they desire with ultimate performance.

  • The Alienware Aurora features a punctilious, zero-fat design and is the first of its kind to offer tool-less upgrades to graphics cards, hard drives, memory and 9th Generation Intel Core Processors.
  • Massive-end gaming desktop with up to 18-core Intel processors and dual liquid-cooled NVIDIA GPUs.
  • The Alienware Area-51 desktop is re-engineered with the 2nd Gen Ryzen Thread ripper processors, a 2nd gen triad chassis, and optional triple Radeon RX graphics.
  • If you want to buy a PC, and you must be need something with unbelievably powerful hardware and a unique interior and exterior design, then you should definitely buy the Alienware Area-51 R5.” — Digital Trends.

Usual Alienware Support Teething issues are as follows:

alienwaresup[port phone number

alienwaresup[port phone number

  1. Sluggish laptop speed
  2. Gaming update troubles
  3. Laptop optimization problems
  4. Alienware X51 Wi-Fi connection face challenges
  5. Alienware sound difficulties
  6. How to resolve Alienware error code 0142 and 0xc00000e9
  7. Alienware beep error codes
  8. Game installation and playing errors
  9. Setup and configuration problem
  10. Screen freezes while playing games, etc.

If you have also come across any non-technical or technical error or issue with your Alienware computer, then get Alienware support phone number of experts to fix the difficulties. The toll-free support number listed on +1-800-201-4179 directory via that you can get help 24X7 with ease.

Sluggish Laptop Speed

 Update and run your workstation’s infection scanner to expel infections and spyware. Malware can go through your workstation’s CPU assets and hinder your PC’s presentation.

 Click the Start catch, type “msconfig” and press the “Enter” key to dispatch the System Configuration screen. Explore to the “Start Up” tab and evacuate the check in the container alongside each thing you needn’t bother with running on your workstation. When you reboot your workstation, just the chose projects will start up, opening up assets on your machine.

 Click the Start catch, type “include or expel projects” and press the “Enter” key to dispatch the Add or Remove Programs screen. Snap unneeded projects and after that click “Uninstall” to free up space on your workstation’s hard drive.

 Click the Start catch, type “plate cleanup” and press the “Enter” key to dispatch the Disk Cleanup utility. Spot a checkmark in the container beside things you need to erase, and after that click “alright” to tidy up your PC’s hard drive.

 Click the Start catch, type “plate defragmenter” and press the “Enter” key to dispatch the Windows defragmenter utility. Select your workstation’s hard drive and snap a “Defragment circle” to combine records, which enables accelerate the hard drive reaction to time.

 Add more RAM memory to your PC. This will give increasingly generally memory that enables your workstation to run numerous projects on the double with more speed.

 Gaming Update Problem

Modifying your Settings In-Game 

For all intents and purposes all games accompany a menu of designs includes that can be gotten to from inside the game. Altering the settings for these highlights can convey a huge framerate support at the expense of some detail quality. 

The most straightforward approach to advance your game’s settings for your PC is to utilize the authority applications from your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU – additionally called a designs or video card) producer. Alienware support phone numberapplications will filter your PC for introduced games and make an ideal settings profile for each game dependent on your PC’s gaming potential. This enables you to go directly to playing with the most ideal equalization of execution and quality. 

In the event that you need to alter your game’s designs settings physically, remember that a few highlights biggerly affect execution than others, and the highlights that you ought to modify first can change from game to game. As a rule, the accompanying asset overwhelming highlights can be turned down or even off to support your presentation without having a critical special visualization: 

Shadow impacts

Reflection impacts 

Encompassing impediment

Movement obscure 

Profundity of field


To “overclock” a segment is to expand its clock rate past the producer’s details. A quicker clock rate implies more activities every second, so gaming aficionados will frequently overclock their processors or GPUs to press some additional power out of their current equipment. 

Dell does not support manual overclocking in its gaming workstations and work areas, because of the danger of harm to segments. Be that as it may, certain Alienware models can be requested “manufacturing plant overclocked” from Dell; these PCs accompany Dell-affirmed overclock profiles that can be enacted utilizing the directions in the Alienware Overclocking article. 

Updating your Components

alienware support number

Alienware support number

On the off chance that you have attempted the majority of the above choices are as yet unsatisfied with your gaming background, you may need to move up to more up to date, progressively ground-breaking parts. Updating will give the greatest lift in execution, however it is likewise the most costly alternative, and possibly the most entangled. 

Before you upgrade ensure your interest in your Dell gaming PC by avoiding potential risk before you begin overhauling your segments. 

Guarantee Limitations 

Your Dell-marked gaming PC is secured by a constrained guarantee, similar to any parts purchased through the Alienware support site. On the off chance that you redesign your PC with a part from Dell, it will be secured under the PC’s unique guarantee. Assuming, be that as it may, you buy your segment from an outsider, it will be secured by the segment maker’s guarantee. While the demonstration of overhauling your PC does not abuse your Dell guarantee, you ought to think about the accompanying impediments: 

In investigating your PC, Alienware support specialists will probably ask you to initially evacuate any outsider segments. 

On the off chance that you send your PC to Dell for fixes, you should initially supplant the outsider part with the Dell-marked unique. 

On the off chance that you harm your PC while introducing an outsider segment, the PC’s unique guarantee won’t cover fixes. 

Laptop Optimization Problem & Solution

  • Update your designs drivers 
  • Give your GPU a slight overclock 
  • Boost your PC with an enhancement device 
  • Upgrade your designs card to a more up to date model
  • Switch out that old HDD and get yourself a SSD 
  • Turn off SuperFetch and PreFetch 
  • Defrag and TRIM your hard circle for quicker access
  • Tweak your Intel, AMD or NVIDIA Control Panels 

Be that as it may, advancing your PC is simply part of the condition: games themselves have ton of shrouded potential that can radically improve the manner in which they look and feel. Hence, throughout the following couple of months Alienware support phone number will take a gander at the greatest games and talk about how to augment their potential.

Alienware support helpline number

Alienware support helpline number

Alienware Support For Help

  • Help to reestablish and reinstall Windows on Alienware PCs
  • Fix all product bugs on Alienware PCs 
  • Troubleshoot Alienware PCs rebooting issues 
  • Remove Blue screen/Black screen blunder from Alienware PCs 
  • Alienware PCs Speed up and advancement 
  • Peripherals design on Alienware PCs
  • Software establishment/uninstallation on Alienware PCs
  • Adding antivirus and infection/popup/adware expulsion from Alienware PCs
  • Add Router and fix web association issues on Alienware PCs 
  • Data recuperation/Data Loss from Alienware PCs 

Why Choose Alienware Support?

  • Windows on Alienware PCs smashing/rebooting
  • Want to introduce Windows on Alienware PCs 
  • Alienware PCs are having contaminations/Virus 
  • Alienware PCs are not beginning 
  • Alienware PCs are cold 
  • Alienware PCs can’t include printer
  • Cant download and introduce any product on Alienware PCs 
  • Alienware PCs are having blue screen/dark screen blunder 
  • Alienware PCs don’t interface with web 
  • Run time mistake on Alienware PCs 

How to Contact Alienware Support?

If you don’t know how to contact Alienware support. As Alienware doesn’t have direct technical support Alienware support phone number recommend you to contact 800 Helpline Number a 3rd party technical support you can visit Alienware support website : 

Alienware support doesn’t have signaling. Sort of a growing range of corporations with free web-based services, you’ve got to look at forums and support sites for facilitating. however, you’ll be able to get second client support by a line of work U.S. at our client service signaling USA +1-800-201-4179 Phone Number Toll-Free.


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